1 Industries & Other Areas of Interest

Below we have listed products and projects areas of interest of associated companies, consultants funding sources and countries within the scope of our operation:

-Identification of business opportunities, introduction and structuring cooperation and business developments -Industries in general  

2 Industries & Other Areas of Interest:



-Agriculture and Farming

-Housing and urban development


-Mining and other energy exploration, and development

-Consultation, assistance for management and projects funding

-Education and Training

-Trade: Exports-Imports

-Nutraceutical laboratories

-Refining and distribution of petroleum derivatives

-An extended list may be obtained by sending your inquiring to: info@norcapholdings.com; or by contacting one of our representative or mandated agent.

What we Do?

Norcap Consortium Worldwide services encompass, but is not limited to: preliminary evaluation of the business opportunity and potential, identifying appropriate parties to be involve in the project, introduction to government agencies or local companies, preparation of initial documents, guidance for developing cooperation agreements, and sometimes writing a business plan to present to the investors, and or a viable presentation of documents to submit to local governments agencies or businesses, identifying and recommendation of funding sources if available, general business consultation, joint ventures formulation or orchestration of other business formats, locating trade potential involving natural resources for import, export of finished goods, foodstuff or technology transfer export, business development, and management.

Energy and Combustible

Housing and Urban Development

Commodities Imports and Exports


Apparel and other Industries


Shipyard and Bunkering Development

Fishing and Processing

Agriculture Farming

Poultry Farming


And More...