Projects 2017-2018

Among our accomplishments we are enjoying an increasing number of companies, consultants and government agencies working with Norcap Consortium Worldwide, we share with you concluded and pending ventures we have worked or and are pursuing and in the process of implementing:    

Projects 2017

  • Orchestrated closed a Sale and purchased of Crude Oil for 6 million barrels per month for a period of 36 months. 
  • Orchestrated and closed a Sale and Purchase trade of Rice from Asia to Africa. Valued at $20 million.
  • Orchestrating and implementing a BOT venture consisting of export of Solar technology to build plants and installation, and management for supplying energy in a province in Africa. It includes assistance in funding of US 200 million+
  • Evaluating and orchestrating export of Wind technology to install plant and distribution facilities in a province in Africa. It includes assistance in funding.
  • Reaching cooperation agreement with an European Laboratories to install research labs, and building nutraceutical plants for manufacturing of health-related products to treat various health diseases. 3 African countries.
  • Formulating joint-ventures with local entities and backed by government agencies in 2 different countries: 1 diamond mining exploration and mining. Mining concession located in the proximities of a kimberlite vein.  and 1 Gold mining located in the area identified to have abundant reserve of minerals. 
  • Implementing a project of 20,000 housing throughout a country for retired military and laws enforcement people. Completion of funding and implementation phases.
  • Developing a cooperative of artisanal miners, under a minerals counter and banking of minerals for collateral in developing local projects geared towards the development of their communities. 1 country and specific communities. Project in implementation phase.
  • Finalizing to obtain SG, sovereign guarantee instruments of loans enhancement in 2 African countries for the purposes of developing government infrastructure and identified projects for economic development that would enhance the wellbeing of the people.
  • Identifying. developing and concluding cooperation with qualified companies, consultants and funding sources for export of technologies in the areas of agriculture, medium and large industries of food sectors, solar energy and wind energy, housing, bunkering and storage facilities.  
  • Presenting and concluding assistance in funding of projects through SG, bonds, direct and concessional loans, Equity Finance, Factoring, and Nonrecourse funding with various international agencies, banks, investment bankers, registered PPP companies platforms, crowdfunding platforms and angel investors.